We offer more than just a satellite connection for yachts

We have a wide range of Castor Marine products to supplement the connectivity software for super and mega yachts. Our equipment and software is adjustable to your preferences and perfect for you specific Internet traffic requirements. For instance, if you'd to like to monitor your connectivity choose to add our Voyager Platform, Crew Welfare program and our Infinity Solution. This puts you in charge by controlling Internet traffic, able to change Internet rules and adjusting safety measures. It includes a firewall for more cybersecurity, advanced content filters and time limit categories for social media. Also, if your crew, passengers and guests would like to watch Netflix, we can recommend leasing or buying our hardware for receiving satellite television.

Flexible and scalable brandwidth
A custom solution that meets your needs at a moment’s notice
Always the fastest internet speed
We make sure that your connectivity is fast, secure and easy to access
Fair prices for excellent Internet service
You're assured of global high-speed marine satellite internet and telephone services
Technologically advanced and reliable
Our Internet connectivity and IT service enables uninterrupted acces and viewing onboard

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