Castor Marine offers you VSAT Internet 

Castor Marine offers you VSAT Internet, enabling maritime operations for offshore vessels, rigs and platforms. This includes outstanding NOC and onboard suport. Our plan? To install the VSAT Internet as quickly as possible. Afterwards? We aim to help you with regard to safety by introducing more of our on-board maritime solutions to enhance safety on a ship. Let us impress you with our quality products and innovative services. For instance, our Voyager Platform is an add-on which can be of great value for ships as it gives you the power to monitor and control internet traffic (real-time).

We understand your needs

By forming a technically-advanced and reliable support network for the maritime industry, we aim to help both offshore vessels and ships as well as offshore projects to connect via 4G LTE and backed up by the L-band service. Each of these connectivity options have their own advantages and our different onboad IT solutions can rely on all of them. We understand your needs in terms of connectivity. How? Firstly, we are dedicated to exceed your expectations when it comes to time. Once we have agreed on an Internet package, we will deliver and set everything up very quickly. Secondly, we understand you would like to know exactly where you stand. Therefore, we are transparent and open in our way of communicating. We will keep always keep you informed. Any unforeseen changes? No problem, we are flexible and can adapt your contract quickly.

Global Maritime Ku-band VSAT

We are a leading figure in the maritime Internet industry and have a global reach. Our services are brought to you anywhere around the world. We offer you unlimited Ku-band VSAT service packages, with speeds from 512/128 kbps to 20/5 Mbps. Ku-band VSAT is well-suited for regional en global connectivity. Allow us to handle your next contract. Share your budget with us and tell us what bandwidth capacity you need. We will then provide you with several excellent options. 


Dedicated contact person
One account manager you can always turn to for support
Experience on board of ships
Our staff have all certifications and knowledge needed to work onboard
Quick set-up, maintenance and problem fixing
We're 24/7 available to help and aware of working in a time-senstive industry
Full Maritime VSAT package and IP connectivity
Our suite of technological solutions accommodate a variety of needs

Thor7 Ka-band VSAT for regional use

Using high-powered spot beams for optimal performance (speeds ranging from 512/128 Kbps to 20/5 Mbps), our regional Thor7 Ka-band VSAT services can be used in the following regions:

  • North Atlantic Ocean
  • Norwegian sea
  • Black Sea
  • Persian Gulf
  • Caspian Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea



4 x how our maritime VSAT Internet can benefit offshore ships, vessels and rigs:

  1. We offer the flexibility to adjust your contract when requirements change - done easy and quickly.
  2. Remote monitoring and control via VSAT Internet allows you to track operational costs - this puts you in charge.
  3. VSAT Internet allows the crew to run the same applications as you run on land - enabling better communication. 
  4. Any updates as well as unforeseen maintenance can be done at sea via VSAT Internet - this adds to a time-efficient working environment.

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