The best IT solutions using maritime antennas

We install custom IT solutions and maritime antenna solutions for your offshore workspace, anywhere around the world. We will ensure the perfect set-up to allow everything to work as expected, now and in the future. We offer flexible and scalable Ku-band VSAT service packages with our own VSAT network and infrastructure. Our services can be sourced as stand-alone services or as part of an integrated solution. They include 4G LTE and L-band back-up services combined with on-board professional IT services and equipment, such as our IT and Lan equipment including maritime antenna, as well as our L-Band antenna (Fleetbroadband) solution. We offer reliable services and the best equipment for fast demand. You can buy and lease our equipment. Leasing is possible for both short and long term. For instance, you can lease or maritime VSAT antenna for a temporary offshore project. We are flexible and can act quickly to changes.

maritime antenna solutions
maritime antennas for LAN and IT solutions

IT and LAN equipment: maritime antennas

Our experienced technical experts can set up your IT and LAN equipment, such as a maritime antenna, to synchronize your data to both offshore and land-based systems. We design your network customized to very specific requirements. We supply a highly reliable IT network that fully matches certain needs and equip it with the latest security technologies for the safety of the data. For instance, a disaster recovery option to prepare for unwanted issues.

L-Band maritime antenna: fleetbroadband

Our Fleetbroadband maritime antenna is designed for vessels and offshore platforms with demanding requirements for connectivity. It meets the critical need for voice and data communication for maritime and offshore professionals globally. Despite its power, it remains a compact and lightweight solution.

VSAT antenna rental

We sell, rent and install VSAT antennas from Sailor, SeaTel and Intellian including the required below deck equipment for Internet services. We know which antenna is right for your temporary offshore project in terms of band, diameter, options. We also know how and where to install your equipment onboard.

Dedicated contact person
One account manager you can always turn to for support
Experience on board of ships
Our staff have all certifications and knowledge needed to work onboard
Quick set-up, maintenance and problem fixing
We're 24/7 available to help and aware of working in a time-senstive industry
Full Maritime VSAT package and IP connectivity
Our suite of technological solutions accommodate a variety of needs

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