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We operate 100% independently, as we have our own satellites, Internet and IT services. As an independent reseller we value quality and reliability highly whilst taking into account your specific preferences and requirements. Our Internet connectivity and IT services consist are brought to you via the best and safest equipment, such as our CCTV equipment and ClearCom system. You can expect great performance from our services, from the installation to adjustments along the way. Our technology is advanced, secure, dependable and easy to use. The result? Clear reception, stable connectivity, safe functioning and accurate performance tracking.

CCTV equipment

CCTV on your ships and vessels can protect your staff, freight and assets. Our specialized CCTV systems enhance everyon'e safety and enable you to learn from near-miss accidents or other types of (almost) damages. This is due to the fact that the CCTV cameras help to see areas that are hidden from the bridge, during the day as well as at night. Castor Marine has already installed many CCTV solutions on coasters and offshore ships, ranging from simple real-time cameras to advanced systems with PTZ cameras. These can record picture, time and GPS position.

ClearCom Systems

Our ClearCom systems can be installed for the purpose of communication between different areas of a ship and between communication equipment, such as UHF radios. We have years of experience in installing and implementing ClearCom systems aboard many kinds of ships and vessels.

Unbeatable support
We wil assist you 24/7, wherever you are at sea.
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We reduce risk and provide predictability to ensure you of global connectivity.
Reliable connectivity
We provide reliable and secure Internet using 4G LTE and VSAT systems.
Full service
If something goes wrong, we will fix it immediately. Leave it up to us.

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