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We provide reliable marine internet solutions and IT services for small commercial ships and large vessels at sea. We offer Ku-band VSAT,  Starlink, Thor7 Ka-band VSAT, 4G LTE, Inmarsat Fleetbroadband, Iridium Openport, and Iridium Certus services. We can advise you on the best service based on your requirements. We also provide technical installation and onboard as well as remote support for your maritime Internet connectivity and IT services.

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Unbeatable support
We will assist you 24/7, wherever you are at sea.
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We reduce risk and provide predictability to ensure you of global connectivity.
Reliable connectivity
We provide reliable and secure Internet using 4G LTE and VSAT Networks

Marine internet solutions for the shipping industry

As a shipper on an offshore or shipping vessel you rely heavily on data connectivity. That’s why connection reliability and uninterrupted access are top priorities for our high-throughput marine internet solutions. Our marine internet solutions are tailored to your wishes, whether you need global Ku-band or regional Ka-band VSAT internet. Our high-speed internet solutions provide you with speeds up to 20/5 Mbps and the most reliable 4G LTE data service. Our Voyager platform furthermore supports you with insight in and control over applications that use the maritime internet.

Marine internet solutions for superyachts

Our Ka-band and Ku-band marine internet solutions are also available in super and mega yachts. Against fair pricing. In fact, we are known for the best price/performance ratio for our worldwide reliable marine internet service. Furthermore, our marine internet solutions stand out in flexibility. Bandwidths are customizable at a moment’s notice. And if you opt for our 4G LTE services, you can switch quickly from satellite connection to onshore connection, once within reach. We even have an Airtime service, which ensures optimal connectivity by switching between VSAT, 4G LTE and (as a backup) L-band services.

Marine internet solutions for offshore platforms

We aim to help both offshore vessels and ships as well as offshore platforms to connect via 4G LTE and backed up by the L-band service. Do you have a temporary offshore project? No problem with the thorough, but lightning fast setup of our marine internet solutions. Once everything is set up, you are in charge. With remote monitoring and control you can track operational costs. And if there are any unforeseen circumstances or changes, no problem; we adapt contracts easily.


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