Professional and innovative IT services for super and mega yachts

From IT advice and design of your IT infrastructure to maintenance of your network, or advice and maintenance anywhere in the world, ashore or at sea. We are your complete provider of professional and innovative IT services for super and mega yachts. As both an IT services provider and a VSAT Network Operator we can provide a one-stop-solution for IT and Internet with one single point of contact. We have the knowledge, experience and dedicated technical staff to tackle any of your maritime IT needs. This includes installing and giving advice concerning software, servers, and usage protocols.


IT network design

We design custom IT solutions and network connections for your ship or vessel to improve the performance. We optimize dependencies between IT, entertainment and all other systems. 


We offer the best connectivity and IT solutions and will install the hardware for you in any harbor in the world.


We will install the connectivity and IT software for you and provide continuous support afterwards.

Service and maintenance

We provide administrative and maintenance services for all IT issues on your ship.

Flexible and scalable brandwidth
A custom solution that meets your needs at a moment’s notice
Always the fastest internet speed
We make sure that your connectivity is fast, secure and easy to access
Fair prices for excellent Internet service
You're assured of global high-speed marine satellite internet and telephone services
Technologically advanced and reliable
Our Internet connectivity and IT service enables uninterrupted acces and viewing onboard

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