Global coverage

As a leading satellite service provider and teleport operator,we provide a suite of Global Connectivity Services which are seamlessly integrated and managed through our own online portal. Our Global coverage is strategically designed and implemented to ensure we keep you connected at sea.

Our global coverage map

24/7 professional support
We are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are.
Voyager platform
Gives you unique real-time visibility of your internet traffic.
Global coverage and reliable connectivity
We provide reliable and secure onboard Internet connectivity using 3G/4G LTE and VSAT systems.
Full service – we have everything in-house
Our own teleport, network solutions, global service and more.

Castor Marine will offer Low-Earth-Orbit from 2023/2024

In as early as 2023/2024, Castor Marine will be able to offer the latest in satellite service development: Low Earth Orbit (LEO). LEO satellite service brings latency down to local fiber level and is even faster than international fiber networks. 

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