Regional THOR 7 VSAT services

As a leading satellite internet service provider, THOR 7 Ka-band VSAT internet is one of our products for the shipping industry (European and Global Shipping companies). This broadly available Telenor Satellite service is suitable for various types of vessels, from small fishing boats to large vessels at sea. 

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THOR 7 Ka-band high speed internet

THOR 7 Ka-band VSAT services are based on the high throughput satellite THOR 7, that was initiated by Telenor Satellite in 2016. This is a specialized service for maritime users, that is covered broadly through its 1°West orbital location:

  • North Atlantic Ocean
  • Norwegian sea
  • Black Sea
  • Persian Gulf
  • Caspian Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea

THOR 7 at Castor: manage and controle your internet traffic

When you purchase Thor 7 Ka-band services from Castor we offer you the Voyager Platform to give you unique real-time visibility of your internet traffic. Beside the Voyager Platform gives you control over the way you use your internet connection. 
1.    Voyager Analyze
Graphs showing you which applications are using the internet connection. You can achieve this via our customer platform.
2.    Voyager Control
Voyager helps you monitor which applications use your bandwidth and offers you the opportunity to limit or block unwanted applications. This gives you control to ensure that the internet service is used in accordance with your wishes.
3.    Voyager Protect
With Voyager you can also easily protect your organisation against  cyberattacks originating from the Web.

Unbeatable support
We wil assist you 24/7, wherever you are at sea.
Always online
We reduce risk and provide predictability to ensure you of global connectivity.
Reliable connectivity
We provide reliable and secure Internet using 4G LTE and VSAT systems.
Full service
If something goes wrong, we will fix it immediately. Leave it up to us.

High burst speeds & integrated solutions

On the cost effective LSAT services we offer, we can 100% guarantee minimum user throughput speeds and we provide high burst speeds. Castor Marine THOR 7 Ka-band plans are available for 60cm and 100cm antennas from 512/128 kbps up to 20/5 Mbps. Our THOR 7 services can be sourced as stand-alone services or as part of an integrated solution including 4G LTE and L-band back-up services combined with on-board professional IT services. 


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We go beyond 

This is how our plans are tailored to onboard use:

  • Flexibility to adjust service to your requirements whenever needed
  • Unique Voyager Platform allows you to monitor internet traffic and control which applications can be used on the Maritime internet.
  • Online portal providing insight in usage, signal levels, technical information and location

Complementing this, we offer outstanding service levels and world-wide onboard support. We have extensive experience with installing maritime internet on many types of vessels and ships, and all the certifications and knowledge needed to work onboard. Our  certified IT and VSAT Engineers are well experienced and understand the nature of your business.

Experienced and flexible global partner

You may know our name, but what are the advantages of ordering your THOR 7 Ka-band plan at Castor? We are professionals who are dedicated to being your best partner in Internet connectivity and IT networks. This is how it shows:

  • Global partner for maritime internet since 2005
  • Technical knowledge at the highest level
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Transparent communication
  • Quick to respond & flexible

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