Reliable high-speed maritime satellite internet for yachts

We guarantee high-speed maritime Internet and excellent customer support as part of our complete maritime connectivity package. Castor Marine provides reliable satellite Internet for super and mega yachts. Need flexible, speedy and reliable Internet at fair pricing? We're known for our price/performance ratio and offer yacht internet at high speeds.

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Flexible and scalable brandwidth
A custom solution that meets your needs at a moment’s notice
Always the fastest internet speed
We make sure that your connectivity is fast, secure and easy to access
Fair prices for excellent Internet service
You're assured of global high-speed marine satellite internet and telephone services
Technologically advanced and reliable
Our Internet connectivity and IT service enables uninterrupted access and viewing onboard

Internet for superyachts

We have Ka-band and Ku-band marine internet solutions available in super and mega yachts. Against fair pricing. In fact, we are known for the best price/performance ratio for our worldwide reliable marine internet. Furthermore, our internet for superyachts stands out in flexibility. Bandwidths are customizable at a moment’s notice. And if you opt for our 4G LTE services, you can switch quickly from satellite connection to onshore connection, once within reach. We even have an Airtime service, which ensures optimal connectivity by switching between VSAT, 4G LTE and (as a backup) L-band services.

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