Reduce expenditure with our 4G LTE solutions. How?

We understand that fast internet on board is a necessity. Thus, our 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) maritime services are tailored to the needs of the yachting industry. By switching from satellite Internet connection to onshore connection once in reach, our 4G LTE solutions reduce internet charges. The flexible contracts come with the best deals for fast upgrades when leaving the harbor and port - and when this is desired. You are in charge of the speed of the connectivity and decide when more bandwidth is needed. Check out our European plans as well as Global Coverage plans below. This is what you can expect from our 4G LTE solutions for yachts:

  • We will make sure your Internet connection is perfect. Our aim: reliable and consistent coverage for you.
  • Our 4G LTE Internet is provided via the public 4G LTE networks using sims. We will install the antennas, modems and do the LAN set-up for you. Our promise: no hassle for you.

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4G lte solutions for yachts
Flexible and scalable brandwidth
A custom solution that meets your needs at a moment’s notice
Always the fastest internet speed
We make sure that your connectivity is fast, secure and easy to access
Fair prices for excellent Internet service
You're assured of global high-speed marine satellite internet and telephone services
Technologically advanced and reliable
Our Internet connectivity and IT service enables uninterrupted acces and viewing onboard

Our 4G LTE solutions: European + Global coverage

We offer separate European contracts as well as Global coverage plans. Check out the pricing below. Need advice? Please contact us, we will come up with a solution suited to your requirements and inform about signal boosters 

4 x what our 4G LTE Internet entails:

  • Flexible plans: our contracts and packages are both for temporary (monthly) and seasonal connectivity.
  • Reduce costs: our 4G LTE solutions help you save on internet costs.
  • Fast upgrade: bandwidth can be increased when the demand arises.
  • Perfect Internet connection: we are a leading provider in marine mobile solutions and technology.

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