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We understand the importance of high-speed superyacht internet for your passengers and crew.

Optimize bandwith capacity

Castor Marine offers high speed superyacht Internet, such as VSAT and 4G data services. You're in charge of the quote and can optimize the bandwith capacity when required. You can also allocate data to everyone on board, prioritizing vessel operations and cater to requests as well as keeping your crew satisfied. 

Global support

Our services are designed to cater to urgent upgrades and changes, act on support issues and provide onboard and remote guidance. We have different support locations and help stations around the world for the set-up and for your assistance. We're always available and our staff is certified and qualified to help you out with all your technical problems, if they may occur.

Custom tailored internet solutions for your superyacht

We understand that different itineraries, sailing routes, guests and crew require different rules, special services and ask for another level of demand of Internet for your superyacht. We have therefore designed custom tailored Internet solutions for superyachts. For instance for yachts sailing to Spitsbergen, Greenland, Antarctic Peninsula, Maldives and the Galapagos.

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Superyacht internet with reliable connectivity

We understand that superyacht owners and guests are demanding high standards of comfort, user convenience and luxury on board. Therefore, we guarantee reliable Internet connectivity on your superyacht with global coverage, flexible and adjustable to the needs. You have a wide choice in dedicated or shared internet with several contention ratios. With speeds up to 100Mbps for download and 20Mbps for uploading. 

Best price/performance ratio

We aim to be a leading maritime high-speed Internet service provider whilst remaining affordable, flexible and personal. We provide you with an innovative, efficient and reliable Internet solution for your superyacht or megayacht at fair prices. We guarantee you the best price/performance ratio in this field. Our contracts offer flexible terms and temporary upgrades for periods where owners and guests need a faster connection. We immediately act on support requests and you can be assured of professional help by our qualified and experienced staff.

Why Castor Marine

Flexible and scalable bandwidth
A custom solution that meets your needs at a moment’s notice
Always the fastest internet speed
We make sure that your connectivity is fast, secure and easy to access
Fair prices for excellent Internet service
You're assured of global high-speed marine satellite internet and telephone services
Technologically advanced and reliable
Our Internet connectivity and IT service enables uninterrupted acces and viewing onboard

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