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We are experienced and familiar on board of ships and vessels.

We are specialized in designing, installing and maintaining VSAT Internet and IT services for offshore platforms and support offices on land. Anywhere in the world. We are always available for remote support or issue fixing on land. Our aim is to provide the best possible service by focusing on quality. We will help you out immediately and get back to you with a solution out as fast as possible - your needs are out first priority.

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Offshore VSAT Internet and IT services

Our offshore VSAT and IT services are suitable for the connectivity for a range of different vessels for activities such as rigging, welling, drilling and icebreaking.

Our Offshore VSAT services enables reliable communication, such us sending critical data back to shore and providing the onshore experts with real-time information about crucial operations. We offer the flexibility required by the nature of the offshore  industry as the vessels are continually moving to new regions. We understand that our solutions are required fast as well as temporary. We therefore also provide hardware rental options for short term projects.

Time is short

We understand that timing in managing large sea projects plays a crucial role. We therefore aim to provide quick and temporary Internet solutions under great time pressure. Our services enable constant connection with the headquarters, enhancing operational efficiency. Tell us exactly what you need and we will make it happen, keeping you up to date regarding the progress and letting you know when and what to expect.

Certified staff

The complexity of VSAT infrastructure in connection to a range of IT services is not to be taken lightly. We know, because we have been working with maritime Internet for years. All of our technical staff and engineers have BOSIET, HUET, MIST and H2S certification (Falck) to provide fast support. Our team is available to provide on-site service and remote support for a new set-up, issue fixing, repairs and replacements.

Why Castor Marine?

24/7 Technical Support
Experience on board of ships
Our staff have all certifications and knowledge needed to work onboard
Quick set-up, maintenance and problem solving
We're 24/7 available to help and aware of working in a time-senstive industry
Full Maritime VSAT package and IP connectivity
Our suite of technological solutions accommodate a variety of needs

W2W Conversion project for Wagenborg Offshore

We deliver services to Wagenborg Offshore's supply vessels Kasteelborg and Kroonborg. We were involved in the conversion of Kasteelborg to convert it from a PSV to W2W vessel in only 11 weeks.

Read more about this project.

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